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turncoatAs he does throughout this series, Harry Dresden, Jim Butcher’s leather duster-clad, irreverent, and formidable wizard detective, emerges (mostly) victorious from another glorious onslaught masterminded in the Nevernever. Turn Coat is a fast read only because the action itself defies the normal laws of both physics and sleep requirements for its characters; I am always rushing through these books despite wanting them to last longer. It’s great fun just for the variety of supernatural antagonists and allies who manage to complicate Harry’s life in a Chicago mostly oblivious to this other world. Even more so because, like Lord Peter Wimsey (Dorothy Sayers‘ brilliantly unassuming, aristocratic detective and another favorite of mine), Harry Dresden is an honorable man. His struggle to do what is right and fair is often at odds with the motives of friends and enemies alike; that he still manages Hawkeye Pierce-worthy quips in the midst of the often perilous circumstances that result is only one of his strengths. But start with “Storm Front”, the first book in the series; you don’t want to miss anything.