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Brilliant news from Undershaw Preservation Trust founder John Gibson:

This has been a long and difficult battle to save Undershaw and we are absolutely thrilled with the decision to quash planning permission to redevelop the property. This is a place which is steeped in history and should be treated with reverence.

We are very hopeful that this decision will signal a sea-change in attitude towards this historic property and  that it will lead to it being rightly preserved as a single building – hopefully as a museum or centre where future generations can be inspired by the many stories which have been created within its walls.

There is still a lot of work ahead, of course, but it is so gratifying to see legal precedent and popular opinion converge to ensure the preservation of this historic property. Somewhere, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is touching a flame to his pipe and smiling.

Please see the update in my previous post for some links to merchandise (books, posters, and more) being produced to support this project.