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Twelve-year-old Warren the 13th, heir to the once-fabulous Warren Hotel, has a problem. Rumors of a hidden family treasure, a powerful something called the All-Seeing Eye, may actually be true. Finding it may help Warren restore his family’s fortunes but his creepy Aunt Annaconda is looking for it too and word’s gotten out.warren13th The race for the mysterious treasure is on but no one knows the hotel better than Warren, who’s been cleaning and patching up the place all by himself for the last five years. That’s all the time it’s taken for his Uncle Rupert to let the mansion and the grounds fall into disrepair. Known for his laziness, Rupert became even more befuddled when he unexpectedly married Aunt Annaconda four months ago. She is not at all nice: she insults Warren about his looks (his face is a bit toad-like and his teeth are crooked—but he has a big heart, a full head of luxurious hair, and is very clever), she bosses him around, and she inevitably underestimates him. Warren tries his best to steer clear but, unfortunately, his aunt has a habit of turning up where he least expects her. She is determined to have the power of the Eye for herself and isn’t shy about tearing the hotel apart to find it. She is a frightening adversary but Warren has some unusual friends on his side. In the fight against his aunt’s supernaturally-powered greed, Warren’s kindness, loyalty, and sharp thinking are his secret weapons.

Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye is a beautifully imagined book; the author, Tania Del Rio, and the illustrator, Will Staehle, have created a visual treat as much as a good story, a world teeming with danger and surprise that also serves to underscore the importance of having friends. See a preview and meet the characters at http://warrenthe13th.com/. An activity booklet filled with mazes and word games as well as a new short story about Warren the 13th can be downloaded here: https://www.scribd.com/document/335608383/Warren-the-13th-Activity-Booklet.

Keep an eye peeled for the next book in the series, Warren the 13th and The Whispering Woods.